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Your Future with Hometime

You will spend over 90,000 hours of your life working.

Don’t waste one more hour in a dead-end job.

Good People

Good Work

Great Opportunities

window replacement and installtion of new custom vinyl windows
The Hometime Difference

In an industry known for dishonesty and taking advantage of people, Hometime shines as an honest company that is committed to caring for their team members.

Craftsmanship    Efficiency    Growth    Edification
Customer Service    Integrity    Teamwork

The Hometime Way

Your Opportunities

Window Production


A team of craftsmen who manufacture our quality windows and doors here in the USA


An efficient team of craftsmen who deliver on our 100% satisfaction guarantee every time

Sales Team


A team of listeners who are committed to understanding customers needs and designing custom solutions that deliver exceptional value

Department Pictures-01.jpg


Our support team that handles accounting, marketing, customer service etc.



Right Person

Hometime has a strong team culture that is molded by our Core Values, and we are committed to recruiting and identifying people who share our values.


Right Seat

Once we know someone is aligned with the Hometime Way, we work to get everyone in the right seat by aligning their strengths, skills, and motivations with the various roles that advance the work of the team.


Get It, Want It, Capacity to Do It

Hometime is a team of people who know what is expected of them, have the resources they need to do their work well, have the opportunity to do what they do best every day, and are hungry to excel.



When I started with Hometime, we had just six team members who were building and installing 40 windows per week. Over the last eight years, we have steadily grown to a team of 40 people who build and install 300 windows per week! 


But our passion is far more than simply installing some windows and earning a paycheck. We want to see lives changed. 


Five years ago I established a Family Fund in which we set aside profits each month to help employees purchase their first home or fix up the home they already own. It is absurd to me that people could spend their whole lives building quality windows and never live in a home with nice windows! So far we have helped over 10 families purchase their first home.


We also use the Family Fund to take epic family-oriented trips that create lifelong memories. So far we have taken three trips as a company to beautiful places like San Diego, Ventura Beach, and Alaska!

-Andrew Durben, Owner of Hometime

Hear from Our Team

"I'm happy to work at Hometime! They have given me opportunities to learn and grow. We use the EOS model to identify and solve challenges that make the job interesting. Anyone who is looking for a good opportunity with a great company should join the Hometime Team. The job is satisfying and the leadership is very good."

Luis G.


"Hometime is everything to me! It is my second home. The team is harmonious with hardworking people with goals to become better. The leadership is full of quality people with great capacity who give me the opportunity to realize my potential and become a better person and professional. Because of Hometime I am economically stable and happy in life."

Israel C.


"Hometime is a great place to work because leadership cares about each person individually. We have a great culture that encourages everyone to grow in their career and personal life. We are family here."

Edeer R.


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